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As you can see I have a lot of fun as I travel around the world with the collection!

I have had the privilege to meet many interesting people. Of course I cannot stick a camera in everyone's face. How I wish I had taken photos of me with Sid Luft in his apartment or Mickey Deans while we had dinner in NYC, Debbie Reynolds backstage at Liza's concert at the Palace in NYC, Michael Feinstein in the men's room, Joely Fisher and Ricky Lake at the theatre or dinner following....among many others! Boy, what a life!

Meet Michael Siewert.......

Mike/aaa.JPG Mike/aa.JPG Mike/123.JPG Mike/IMG_8368.JPG
Mike/IMG_8105.JPG Mike/IMG_2485.JPG Mike/Anna2.jpg

The infamous Charles Triplett

Charles/22.JPG Charles/21.JPG Charles/20.JPG

My supportive family

Family/susie.jpg Family/a.JPG Family/cccccc.JPG Family/ccccc.JPG
Family/cccc.JPG Family/ccc.JPG Family/cc.JPG Family/33.JPG
Family/32.JPG Family/31.JPG Family/30.JPG

Friends, friends and more friends!

Friends/ddd.JPG Friends/dd.JPG Friends/a.JPG Friends/46.JPG
Friends/45.JPG Friends/44.JPG Friends/43.JPG Friends/42.JPG
Friends/41.JPG Friends/40.JPG

Celebrity friends

Celebrities/700.JPG Celebrities/78.JPG Celebrities/eeeee.JPG Celebrities/eeee.JPG
Celebrities/eee.JPG Celebrities/ee.JPG Celebrities/e.JPG Celebrities/5.jpg
Celebrities/14.jpg Celebrities/13.JPG Celebrities/12.JPG Celebrities/11.JPG
Celebrities/10.JPG Celebrities/9.JPG Celebrities/8.JPG Celebrities/7.JPG
Celebrities/6.JPG Celebrities/4.JPG Celebrities/3.JPG Celebrities/2.JPG

The Judy Garland Festival

JudyFest/jj.JPG JudyFest/j.JPG JudyFest/64.jpg JudyFest/63.jpg
JudyFest/62.jpg JudyFest/61.jpg.JPG JudyFest/60.jpg JudyFest/59.jpg
JudyFest/58.JPG JudyFest/57.JPG JudyFest/56.JPG JudyFest/55.JPG
JudyFest/54.JPG JudyFest/53.JPG JudyFest/52.JPG JudyFest/51.JPG

Indiana Wizard Of Oz Festival

Chesterton/chchch.JPG Chesterton/chchchch.JPG Chesterton/chch.JPG Chesterton/ch.JPG
Chesterton/80.JPG Chesterton/79.JPG Chesterton/77.JPG Chesterton/76.JPG
Chesterton/75.JPG Chesterton/74.JPG Chesterton/73.JPG Chesterton/72.JPG
Chesterton/71.JPG Chesterton/70.JPG

Wamego Oztoberfest

Wamego/www.JPG Wamego/ww.JPG Wamego/w.JPG Wamego/101.JPG
Wamego/100.JPG Wamego/99.JPG Wamego/98.JPG Wamego/97.JPG
Wamego/96.JPG Wamego/95.JPG Wamego/94.JPG Wamego/93.JPG
Wamego/92.JPG Wamego/91.JPG Wamego/90.JPG

Various exhibits

OtherExhibits/IMG_9057.JPG OtherExhibits/IMG_8212.JPG OtherExhibits/IMG_6917.JPG OtherExhibits/IMG_4794.JPG
OtherExhibits/IMG_3068.JPG OtherExhibits/IMG_2965.JPG OtherExhibits/IMG_2547.JPG OtherExhibits/112.JPG
OtherExhibits/111.JPG OtherExhibits/110.JPG